Orks are big. Orks are barbaric. Orks are brutal. Orks love battle.

With each battle they take part in, the Ork horde gains bigger guns (or what they call "more dakka"), gets hold of bigger tanks and attracts more and larger Orks. Once a big enough Warboss appears, the horde becomes a Waaagh! and rampages across the galaxy.

The Waaagh! is an unstoppable force, crushing all opposition before moving on to other worlds aboard their ramshackle starships.

Gorgutz ’Ead’unter

Cunning, greedy, and brutal in equal measure, Gorgutz ‘Ead’unter has collected an array of skulls to adorn his armour. His huge form is covered in the marks of a thousand battles and he is always searching for the biggest and best weapons – such as the huge Power Klaw that has replaced his entire right arm.


Grapplin’ Klaw

Gorgutz fires his Klaw at the target location, pulling himself to the position or the first enemy that it intercepts and forcing them to attack him.

Spinnin’ Klaw

Gorgutz extends his Klaw, spinning it around and absorbing enemy fire. Enemies inside this area take damage and are slowed. Gorgutz can then slam the Klaw down, pulling, taunting, and damaging enemies.

Dirty Fightin’

In melee combat, Gorgutz crushes opponents with his Klaw, doing damage and reducing their damage output. Every 6th blow triggers a critical strike, doing additional damage in a line.

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