Spotlight: Deffkopta

Wot’s that in the sky? Duhh, it’s da fastest most killy kopta, ya bleedin’ git. Good fer scoutin’ an’ slicin’!


Piloted by berserk Flyboyz raving mad over the prospect of flight, Deffkoptas are aggressive attack choppers that often act as scouts for the rest of the warband. Their ramshackle rotor blades send them sputtering through the skies - so while they may not be stealthy, they are speedy enough to keep the pilot out of harm’s way.

The Flyboyz willing to pilot these flaming death traps tend to be as insane as they come. The unlucky foes of a large warband often report the Ork pilots making machine gun sounds and laughing maniacally as their Deffkoptas roar into view.

Some Orks elect to add more weaponry to their Deffkopta, and one of the most popular additions is to affix a massive, whirring buzzsaw blade to the front of the chassis. You know, to make low-altitude maneuvers a little more interesting.


Skimmer unit

High mobility

Low health


Loot (Requires nearby scrap)

The Deffkopta loots scrap, permanently upgrading itself with the Buzzsaw Blitz ability.

Buzzsaw Blitz (Scrap upgrade)

The Deffkopta activates its buzzsaw and slices the ground in a target direction, causing damage to all units it passes through.


On top of their speed, Deffkoptas have another advantage when it comes to mobility. As skimmer units, they are able to pass difficult terrain that ground units can’t traverse. This makes Deffkoptas one of the best units in the game for scouting or harassing resource points. They might take a couple of shots, but they’ll get away before any lasting damage is done. The Mek pilots can also shoot while flying backwards, so they’re able to get some revenge shots in before disappearing into the fog of war.

To counteract their enviable speed, Deffkoptas have the lowest health of the skimmer units. Pair this with a weakness to anti-tank weaponry, and Deffkoptas will need to be careful about picking their battles. Because they can shoot while flying, keeping them on the move is the key to minimizing this weakness.

Despite this, Deffkoptas are one of the cheapest units to build. Gretchins can build Deffkoptas from battlefield scrap at a large resource discount, so keep an eye out for the opportunity to salvage. Their Buzzsaw Blitz ability does a great deal of damage and the perfect placement of this ability can decimate squads.

If you came across a pile of scrap, would you build a new Deffkopta or upgrade an existing one with Buzzsaw Blitz? Join the conversation on our forums!

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