Space Marines

Space Marines are genetically engineered warriors on a mission to protect mankind from the gravest of threats across the galaxy.

Armed with a vast selection of iconic weaponry, clad in suits of intimidating power armour and borne to war aboard deadly vehicles, they are the greatest warriors the galaxy has ever known. They operate as an elite, single-minded strike force.

Even with the lower numbers on the front lines, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Gabriel Angelos

Gabriel Angelos, Master of the Blood Ravens chapter of Space Marines, guides his brothers against the most dangerous enemies in the Galaxy. Uncompromising and honorable, Gabriel has little patience for those who would hesitate in battle.



With his mighty hammer God-Splitter, he leaps across the battlefield reducing foes to craters in the ground. God-Splitter gains up to three charges over time.


Swinging his hammer, he knocks back all nearby enemies and creates a temporary shield that blocks enemy fire and reflects projectiles. God-Splitter charges increase its duration.

Critical Strike

Every 5th melee hit does double damage and knocks enemies back. Critical strikes happen more often if Gabriel has God-Splitter charges.

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