Spotlight: Whirlwind

Space Marines don’t often send for the big guns, but when they do, Whirlwind Artillery Tanks answer the call.


Space Marines aren’t as numerous as the foes they face, so the risk of getting severely outnumbered on the battlefield is a very real one. Luckily, Whirlwinds are there to level the playing field.

Equipped with a standard Rhino chassis, a Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher and a unique target acquisition system, this unit is designed to accurately fire on enemies from an extraordinary distance. Whirlwinds are less resilient than other tanks in the Space Marine army, but they more than make up for it with their range.


High ranged damage

Most effective at long range

Low health

Slow movement


Missile Barrage

The Whirlwind fires a barrage of missiles scattered over an area, dealing damage and knockback in the area of impact.


The Whirlwind is designed for one thing and one thing only: obliterating a target area and leaving nothing but scorched earth behind.

The Whirlwind’s unmatched range allows covering fire from far behind the main battlegroup. In many cases, the tank may be hidden in the fog of war up until the moment the mortar fire rains from the sky.

Missile Barrage does have a minimum range, which means units close enough to the Whirlwind can avoid its deadly assault. If you can get close enough to an enemy Whirlwind, it won’t be able to retaliate. Though it’s risky to get close, Whirlwinds - like all vehicles in Dawn of War - take significant damage from behind. Sneaking up on an unsuspecting Whirlwind can save half of your army if you never give it a chance to fire.

Did you deploy a Whirlwind at Gamescom? How did you use Missile Barrage? Let us know!

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