Spotlight: Jonah Orion

Jonah Orion is the Blood Raven's Chief Librarian and a man of fearsome psychic power. Focused on supporting his brethren, he is a flexible Elite who amplifies the effectiveness of his allies.


Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens, Jonah Orion is a psyker of tremendous renown. Librarians are able to bend the Warp to their will (sometimes with the aid of a familiar) although carefully walking this line requires incredible mental fortitude. In the Chapter’s darkest hours, Jonah endured the predations of the Tyranid Hive Mind that wiped out his fellow Librarians. During the Aurelian Crusade, Jonah safeguarded his Battle-Brothers from the corruption of Chaos spreading from within the Chapter.

Although he sustained what many thought was a mortal wound on Cyrene, he miraculously survived. Understanding the gravity of Jonah’s sacrifices for the Chapter and his undeniable role in their victory against Arch-Traitor Azariah Kyras, the newly-appointed Chapter Master Gabriel Angelos promoted him to Chief Librarian.

Now, it is Jonah’s desire to redefine psyker culture within the Blood Ravens Chapter so that heresy can’t breed within. Due to their gene seed, the Blood Ravens will always have a higher distribution of psykers. It is Jonah’s duty as Chief Librarian to ensure that they don’t stray.


High crowd control

Most effective at supporting allies


Zeal (Passive)

A charge is granted every time Jonah uses an ability. Each charge decreases his time between attacks by 0.5 seconds. Charges decay every 10 seconds.

Fury of the Ancients

Jonah channels his psychic power through his cherub-familiar, dealing damage to enemies and temporarily boosting the speed of allies.

Emperor's Light

Jonah calls forth an expanding field of light that increases the damage of allies while disabling enemy attacks and vision.


Jonah reshapes the earth and erects a ring of impassable barriers around himself that absorb all incoming and outgoing fire.


The Chief Librarian’s abilities interact in a couple of different ways. Casting Fury of the Ancients inside of Stonewall will cause it to fill the area instead of casting in a line. Using this combo, Jonah is great at trapping enemies and dealing considerable damage. Casting Emperor’s Light inside of Stonewall will make Emperor’s Light last longer.

Stonewall can block off escape routes, lay traps, and set up other abilities. It also makes for a great escape tool, as Jonah can use it to block incoming damage and use Fury of the Ancients to speed his allies out of harm’s way.

Jonah can be countered by skimmer units such as Land Speeders since they can chase him down quite easily. Units that can jump or teleport are able to infiltrate Stonewall, so you’ll need to be careful about when you use it. Similarly, artillery barrages aren’t blocked by Stonewall, so make sure you don’t accidentally lock your allies in the midst of enemy fire!

With these tools at his disposal, Jonah is an interesting Elite to play. Choosing how to combine your abilities can drastically change the outcome of a battle.

How do you envision Jonah’s role in your Space Marine army? Pop into the forums and let us know your plan for the Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens!

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