Spotlight: Assault Marine

Assault Marines are specialized melee units that dutifully perform hit and run tactics, secure strategic points on the map, and disrupt opposing fire.


Assault Marines are melee-oriented Space Marines that are organized into strike squads on the battlefield. They complete specialized combat training designed to simulate fights in confined spaces, giving them an advantage in close quarters combat.

Over ten thousand standard years ago, the first Assault Marine squads were formed. Built for the old Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade, these squads were often equipped with Jump Packs. Although the Jump Packs allow for very brief flight, their operation prevents heavy weaponry use. It is because of this that most modern Assault Marine squads rush into battle with the iconic Chainsword and Bolt Pistol.


Strong melee damage

High health

Weak ranged damage



The Assault Marines jump to the target location, knocking back enemies in an area.


Assault Marines are fast, reliable units that excel at capturing cover . With their ability to quickly jump over long distances, they can force enemy ranged units out of heavy cover while the rest of your army moves in to pick off their scattered forces. Strategically deploying an Assault Marine squad can force your opponent to reposition their high-valued, low health ranged units. This gives the Assault Marines the window they need to take control of the battlefield with their speed and mobility, closing the distance between enemy troops faster than they can regroup. These tactics are especially devastating when used on units that require a setup time, such as Heavy Bolter squads.

In order to move so quickly around the battlefield, Assault Marines are equipped with light armour. As such, you can effectively counter Assault Marines by saving your piercing shots for when they strike.

Assault Marines can also be used defensively. If you’ve given orders for a low health squad to retreat but your enemy is giving chase, Assault Marines jumping to their rescue is a great way to shut down a pursuit. Hit and run tactics such as these can also be used to harass enemy Listening Posts in the late game to disrupt their economy.

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