Spotlight: Meganobz

What happens when you take a Nob that loves to strap on some armor and get up close and personal for some WAAAAGH? You get a Meganob, boss!


Spotted by the bulky Mega Armor that separates them from other Nobz, the Meganobz are massive, hulking brutes who are so confident in their dirty fightin’ that they think themselves invulnerable.  With a Shoota on one arm and a Power Klaw on the other, summoning a few Meganobz is a sure fire way to move the green tide in your favor!


High armour

Strong melee

High health


Elektrik Wall

The Meganobz create a wall at the target position that blocks movement and absorbs shots. Increases ally movement speed and slows enemies in a line.


If switched on, one of the Meganobz begins firing homing Kombi-Rokkits, slowing and damaging enemies. Each shot removes a charge, which can be regenerated by looting.


The Meganobz are heavily armored Elite units, and are extremely tanky. They focus on doing consistent, low damage that may not pose a big threat at first, but being so hard to take down can pose a problem if they aren’t dealt with. Their massive Mega Armor means that it’s literally hard to get under their skin, and abilities like Elektrik Wall can slow enemy movement and block gunfire, letting them do damage over longer periods of time.

To counter the Meganobz, your best bet is armor piercing damage. Units like Vypers and Predator Tanks are what you’re looking for, but skimmer units who can fly over their Elektrik Wall ability can be effective too. Meganobz are fairly slow moving, so any abilities that can slow them down further will help to make them less threatening as well.

Which Meganob ability are you most excited about? Discuss in the forums!

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