Spotlight: Nobz

Judged by their size, scars, and shiny bitz - Nobz are the fearsome ruling caste of Ork society.

Nobz are some of the biggest, baddest Orks around. Part of the ruling caste, Nobz are held in high regard because of their monstrous stature. Nobz only answer to the Warboss himself - bigger still - but their natural size still commands subservience from the rest of the warband. Boyz will naturally follow in the footsteps of the baddest Nob, but the more scars he has - the more respect is earned.

As if you couldn’t spot a Nob already, they’re also guardians to some of the best wargear around. Due to their noble standing, Nobz get the best pick of the loot - save for the Warboss, of course. As such, Nobz are often armed with an unnecessarily vast, but impressive collection of shiny bitz!


High health

Strong melee

Crowd control


Explosive Armour (Passive)

Gain Fury when taking damage. At max Fury, the Nobz trigger an explosion which causes damage in an area around them. When not engaged in combat, Fury is lost.


The Nobz issue a challenge to their enemies, taking reduced damage and taunting enemies into engaging them in melee.

Choppa Toss (Scrap upgrade)

Loot nearby scrap to gain the ability to throw a Choppa in the target direction, causing damage and immobilizing the first enemy hit.

If it misses, the Choppa can be picked up and thrown again.


Nobz are incredible in melee combat, but getting there is a bit tricky. Their size means they’re not very fast, but launching them out of Trukks will do the trick! Once they’re in melee range, they shine. Taunt is a versatile ability that can lure enemies out of cover, line them up for a Choppa Toss, or keep them in place to combo other abilities.

If you’re playing against a Nob-heavy army, it is best to try and slow or stun them to prevent them from reaching your units. If they do get in range, do your best to disable them with crowd control abilities such as Macha’s Temporal Weave.

Remember that Taunt reduces incoming damage, so it can also be used defensively. Getting the Nobz right into the thick of battle is your best bet. With Explosive Armour, they do more damage than you’d think!

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