Spotlight: Trukk

What’s more Orky than launching a squad of greenskins into the air from a ramshackle Trukk? Launching two squads of greenskins.


A sputtering vehicle of true Ork origin, Trukks are primarily a mode of transportation to get Orks quickly from one slaughter to the next highly-anticipated fray. Without the spikey front bumper, it might have been tough to convince an Ork to drive instead of brawl - but luckily Trukks are well-equipped to turn the tide in their favour.

Once a Trukk arrives on the scene, they’re not done delivering Orks right into the thick of combat. And by “delivering,” we mean launching a squad of your choosing through the air at breakneck speeds to come crashing down on your foes.


Low damage

Low health

Crowd control

Most effective at long range


Ejekt ‘Em All

The Trukk launches up to two loaded squads at the target position. Causes stun on impact.

Ejektor Seats (Passive)

Generate charges over time, enabling the Trukk to eject loaded squads. Using an Ejektor Seat ability consumed one charge.

Reinforcement Point (Passive)

Enables reinforcement of allied squads near the Trukk. Must be purchased as an upgrade.


The Trukk loots scrap, temporarily gaining a shield.


Trukks play a unique role on the battlefield. Orks can field a lot of units, but one of their biggest hurdles is getting those units in melee range. The first vehicle you can build from battlefield scrap, Trukks come into play early and remain impactful throughout the battle.

When you load an infantry squad into a Trukk, you’re essentially giving them a shield. The squad moves faster since it’s inside the Trukk, and your foes must get through the Trukk’s health bar before doing any damage to what’s inside. Then, of course, you can launch that squad behind enemy lines - stunning enemies that are caught in the landing zone.

This creates a lot of synergy between the various Ork units. You can launch Gretchins into the enemy for low-cost stuns. Launching Nobz into an unsuspecting horde of enemies and quickly getting off a Taunt will line them up for more powerful area of effect abilities to take them out.

Trukks transition very well from an early game offensive unit to a late game defensive support unit. Although they don’t have very high health on their own, they are a great complement to an already-healthy force.

Which Ork units will you catapult out of the Trukk? Let us know on the forums!

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