Know Your Wraiths!

It’s come to our attention that there may be some confusion around the Eldar’s ferocious and intimidating vehicles of destruction, specifically, which wraith is which. And we have to say, guys, we just don’t see how these mix-ups are happening.

Errrm. Okay. Maybe some introductions are in order.


Wraithblades are tanky line units that excel against infantry. They seek to be in the front lines of battle. Although they tower above Tactical Marines, they are the smallest of the Wraith units.

Vengeance: A long-range charge that taunts nearby enemies upon impact.

Soul Recall: Instantly teleports the squad back to the target Infinity Portal.


Much larger than the Wraithblade, these Elites make short work of infantry and vehicles alike.

Glaive Charge: A charge that knocks back enemies along its path. At the end of the charge, the Wraithlord deals damage and knocks back in a sweeping arc.

Ethereal Wall: Put up a wall that temporarily blocks enemy fire. Enemies that pass through it are slowed; allies are sped up.


The Wraithknight is the Super Unit of the bunch. It dwarfs the other two and boasts a large shield. It’s most effective at range, but also has great mobility.

Jump: Jump to a position, gaining increased rate of fire.

Distortion Rift: Create a distortion rift at a target position, pulling enemy infantry towards it. Vehicles are slowed.

Focused Beam: Fires a broad, long-range energy beam that deals damage to all enemies caught within.

Wraithknight Taldeer

Now, Taldeer is a bit of a special case. This shadowy, towering mech has made some brief appearances, but aside from that, very little is known about her. Long-time Dawn of War players may have some theories, and you can weigh in with yours on the forums!

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