Spotlight: Wraithblade

Driven by the fury of fallen Eldar, Wraithblades are masters of close combat so feared that they maintain a lonely existence away from their fellow kin.


When an Eldar falls in battle, their soul must be entombed in a soul stone lest they be lost forever to the Warp. Safeguarded in an Infinity Circuit, the stones constitute a collective consciousness that their living brethren depend on for their wisdom. Sometimes, the spirits are joined to a Wraithguard construct during times of war. Bordering on necromantic, the practice is considered immoral - but desperate times call for desperate measures.

The most feared of these resurrected warriors are the Wraithblades. Distinguished from the rest by their unmatched fury, Wraithblades must be segregated from other ghost warriors for fear that their infectious wrath will consume their kin.


Powerful in melee

Strong against infantry

High health


Fleet of Foot (Passive)

Increased speed and Battle Focus regeneration within the psychic radius of a Webway Gate.


Wraithblades can charge from long range and upon impact taunt the target into attacking them for a short duration.

While in combat, Wraithblades gain Fury. For every 10 Fury their damage increases by 25%.

Soul Recall - Requires Infinity Portal and charges

The wraith unit abandons its current body, sending its soul stone back to the target Infinity Portal. Double clicking this ability automatically sends them to the nearest Infinity Portal.


Wraithblades start fights strong with their charge, which makes them great at initiating battles. Although they aren’t as quick as their allies, they can initiate combat with a long charge that gets faster over time. Skirting along the edge of a Webway Gate’s influence can be an effective way to control when your Fleet of Foot passive kicks in - surprising your enemy with a quick burst of speed. Between these abilities, Wraithblades can be deceptively quick. Equipped with two deadly Ghostswords, they are ferocious in close combat - tearing through infantry if left unchecked.

If you can catch the Wraithblades before they get into melee, anti-armour units like Tankbustas and Lascannon Devastators will rip through them. Due to their slow movement speed, they are more vulnerable when they aren’t supported by cover fire.

The Wraithblades do have one trick in reserve: Soul Recall. Their charge is great for getting into melee, but not at getting out. Soul Recall allows the squad to abandon their bodies on the battlefield and return safely to your base. Holding onto Soul Recall allows for more aggressive play - a strategy that suits the Wraithblades well. Having a guaranteed escape means they can afford to fight deeper behind enemy lines to focus higher value targets.

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