Faction Focus: Eldar

The first thing one must learn about the Eldar is that they are a race of fragments, broken and scattered across the galaxy.

At first glance, the Eldar may appear human, but rest assured they could not be more alien. Eldar can live for thousands of years - barring accident or disease. Their advanced neurological and cardiological systems produce mental and physical nimbleness beyond compare. While humans can nurture psyker abilities - as we’ve seen with Jonah - it doesn’t come close to that of the Eldar.

Due to their enhanced psychic connection, the Eldar feel emotions more strongly than humans and as a result tend to be guarded - even cryptic at times. Their predisposition as psykers and their unimaginable agility puts to rest any illusion that the Eldar are human in any sense of the word.


The Eldar were once the most powerful race in the galaxy - spanning over 10,000 systems. Having conquered all obstacles, they gradually fell into boredom and decadence, many began to explore darker inclinations to satisfy their ever-growing thirst for the unknown. Before long, mass anarchy gripped the once-grand civilization as they succumbed to these hedonistic impulses.

Unbeknownst to them, the Eldar were feeding a powerful psychic entity within the Warp. Sensing doom, many fled to Craftworlds or Exodite Worlds. Not long after, the warp-entity Slaanesh was born. The violence of his birth consumed the souls of all Eldar for thousands of light years around, with just a small and broken fraction of the population able to escape that grim fate. Divided and fractured, the Eldar are but a shadow of their former glory.

They tread carefully now more than ever, but haven’t quite lost the sense of pride from their days of grandeur.

Farseer Macha

Hailing from the Craftworld Biel-tan, Macha is a powerful Farseer. As the name suggests, Farseers are capable of peering into the future. In a time where their population is rapidly dwindling, the Eldar depend on Farseers like Macha to steer their race away from disaster.

In Dawn of War, Macha led a huge force of Biel-tan Eldar in hopes to hide the existence of an ancient artifact, the Maledictum. This artifact held a daemon imprisoned within, and other forces working on the planet Tartarus - Gabriel Angelos included - threatened to uncover it. When the Blood Ravens were betrayed and the Maledictum stolen, both the Biel-tan Eldar and the Blood Ravens secured an unsteady alliance to hunt it down. Fearing the destruction that the birth of a daemon of Khorne would bring, Macha urged Angelos not to destroy the artifact. Stubbornly, he struck it to pieces with God Splitter and released the daemon within.

Tensions are high between Macha and Gabriel, with blood spilled on both sides, but she knows the needs of fate may force distasteful alliances once more.


In Dawn of War III, the Eldar are a highly mobile army. With a focus on jump, teleportation, and skimmer units, Eldar tear across the battlefield to strike quickly and retreat to gather their strength until they can strike again. When they enter the battlefield, Eldar go into a combat trance called Battle Focus, granting a regenerating health shield that allows them to recover more quickly than other factions.

These tactics suit the hit-and-run playstyle, and while it’s difficult to master, effective use of an Eldar army can prove devastating to even the strongest enemy force.

Nearby Webway gates grant Fleet of Foot, which significantly increases unit movement speed in a radius. The gates will also increase the rate at which Battle Focus replenishes shields. You can also teleport your buildings around the map. These relocation tools will keep your Eldar army elusive on the battlefield, while strengthening these distinct combat advantages.

Although Battle Focus turns quick skirmishes in your favour, the Eldar won’t withstand long, drawn out engagements. Locking them in place with an ability like Jonah’s Stonewall will keep them from regenerating their shields and, once their escape is blocked, they’ll only be able to withstand a few shots.

Despite the risks of close combat, Eldar players are strongly rewarded when their hit-and-run tactics land. You can pick off valuable enemies and, thanks to Battle Focus, get away without losing your squads!

Are you planning on playing the Eldar in Dawn of War III or preying on them? As always, let us know in the forums!

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