Spotlight: Wraithseer Kayduin

An imposing presence on the battlefield, Wraithseers control the ebb and flow of combat with their psychic mastery.


A unique Eldar Ghost Warrior, Wraithseers gain their power from the soul of a deceased Eldar contained within a Spirit Stone. Armed with a Wraithspear, and powerful psyker abilities, the Wraithseer's matrix also contains the mortal spirit of a Warlock, allowing them to silently command others, and perceive the world with immense clarity. The powerful D-Cannon on the Wraithseer's shoulder is an immense power, and can help turn the tide of battle.

A versatile walker with powerful damage and support abilities, the Wraithseer can push and pull targets in a direction of its choosing with the Warp Strike ability.


Warp Strike

Kayduin manifests a psychic image that shoots a wave of force in the intended direction. Causes knock back and reflects projectiles. If cast inside of Immolate, it also damages and stuns targets. If reactivated, Kayduin casts Materialize - which teleports to the position of his psychic image.


Kayduin summons psychic flames at the target position, harming enemies and emboldening allies. Deals damage and healing over time in the area of impact.

Wraith Shot

Kayduin channels his D-Cannon in the target direction, firing an enhanced shot that collides with enemies. While channeling, Wraithguard spirits are summoned to his aid.


Presence - Enliven

While Kayduin is deployed, he grants Fleet of Foot to nearby allied Wraithguard, Wraithblades, and Wraithlords.

Command - Webway Shield

Webway Gates gain the ability to create a barrier around themselves that absorbs shots.

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