Spotlight: Howling Banshees

Howling Banshees are specialists in close combat, using their memorable battle shriek to immobilize their foes.


Howling Banshees are a highly trained caste of female Aspect Warriors, lightly equipped to remain agile in the heart of strikingly close combat. They are fast, precise, and fight with a ferocity most Eldar believe was reaped from the war god Kaela Mensha Khaine himself.

In addition to a Banshee’s Shuriken Pistol and Power Sword, she also wears a unique Banshee Mask. The mask is her most deadly instrument - each one equipped with a powerful sonic amplifier that expulses the wearer’s signature shrieks all around her. This shriek is so powerful that it paralyzes her enemies in fear, locking them in the moment of their demise.


Powerful in melee

Moderate crowd control


Fleet of Foot (Passive)

Increased speed and Battle Focus regeneration within the psychic radius of a Webway Gate.

Battle Scream (Passive)

When charging into melee, Howling Banshees let out a psychosonic scream that slows enemies in an area.

Quick Strike - Requires Upgrade

The Howling Banshees rush forward in a straight line, damaging and knocking back enemies in their path.


Howling Banshees are a staple of the Eldar army. They are quick and agile, especially when near a Webway Gate, and are able to lock up enemies in melee combat. Banshees are best utilized in aggressive plays.

A single Banshee squad will be in trouble if you send them in alone, but fielding multiple squads can produce devastating results. One of our designers is known for his unique Banshee strategy: he’ll ready four squads and use their Quick Strike at alternating times to criss-cross along the enemy's troops. The combination of Battle Scream and locking enemies in melee keeps them at a standstill while a single ranged squad wreaks havoc from afar.

Despite their undeniable usefulness in melee, they shouldn’t be left in the fray for too long. As with all Eldar, once their Battle Focus is used up they can’t withstand much more damage. Because of this, Banshees are the most effective at hit and run tactics.

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