Spotlight: Lifta-Droppa Wagon

The Lifta-Droppa Wagon is the latest new Elite to join the ranks of the upcoming October patch!


When the green tide needs to get somewhere fast and (relatively) safe, the Lifta-Droppa Wagon is always up to the task. A large Ork Battlewagon, the Lifta-Droppa Wagon’s main purpose is to get Boyz across the battlefield alive, but can also throw a big wrench in an enemy’s plans. Powerful crowd control abilities and sneaky attacks can mean bad news for any army mistaking the Lifta-Droppa Wagon as a simple Ork bus.

The Lifta-Droppa Wagon is a support vehicle that adds utility in the form of powerful crowd control elements to any Ork army. The lifta droppa traktor beam can be used to propel allied units across the map or levitate and knock back enemy units. Unique to the Lifta-Droppa Wagon, its auto attack will levitate enemies in midair and, if not interrupted, will slam them back to the ground – causing damage and knocking back units in a radius around the target.


Blast ‘Em

The Lifta-Droppa Wagon unleashes a wave of force that knocks back enemies and moves itself in the opposite direction.

Grab ‘Em

The Lifta-Droppa Wagon picks up an allied unit with its lifta droppa, creating a shot absorber around them. Using this ability enables you to use the Launch ‘Em and Drop ‘Em abilities.

The target is automatically dropped if the Lifta-Droppa Wagon is disrupted, issues another order, or if its shot absorber is destroyed.

Launch ‘Em

Throws the current target to the target position. If the Lifta-Droppa Wagon has scrapnel charges, it consumes a charge and rains down scrap on the target position, dealing damage that rips through cover.

Drop ‘Em

Orders the Lifta-Droppa Wagon to drop its current target.

Loot Scrap

Adds three scrapnel charges.


Presence – Trakta Shield

When the Lifta-Droppa Wagon is deployed, Deffkoptas can attach a traktor beam to an allied unit, granting a regenerating shield. Reactivating the ability, moving too far from the target, or getting stunned will disable the shield.

Command – Blazin’ Buzzsaw

Deffkoptas leave behind a trail of flames when they use Buzzsaw Blitz, causing damage over time and slowing units that pass through it. The damage from multiple blazes does not stack.

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