Relic Creates: Gabriel Angelos miniature

Now and again, one of our Relicans makes something really cool that we’re dying to share with the community. In this case, Designer Kyle Berndt’s mission to recreate Gabriel Angelos as a miniature was a resounding success!


To celebrate the announcement of Dawn of War III, Kyle wanted to surprise Game Director Phil Boulle with a personalized gift as a tribute to his impact on the Dawn of War series. Phil has been building and painting a Blood Ravens army for the past 8 years, beginning around the time he started work on Dawn of War II. “I have long needed a great leader for my force,” joked Phil, and so Kyle secretly began to work on Gabriel Angelos.

“I’ve been painting 40K miniatures – mostly my personal Space Wolves – for some time now,” said Kyle. “While I’ve gotten really good at painting, I really wanted to improve on the sculpting and customization side of the hobby. With this in mind, I set out to recreate Dawn of War III’s iconic hero Gabriel Angelos, in miniature form.”


Resplendent in his customized Tartaros Terminator armour, the final Gabriel mini kitbashes parts from seven different Space Marine Terminator kits. “Re-creating Gabriel’s hammer, God-Splitter, was the hardest part,” reflected Kyle, “the easy part was making Gabriel’s battle-scarred visage and was accomplished with a strategic dab of plastic glue onto a bare Space Marine head.”

This isn’t even his final form

“When I came into the office and found this badass Gabriel waiting for me, I was floored,” says Phil. “And when Kyle let me know that basically the whole team was in on the surprise, I was even more touched.”

“I have a great team,” said Phil, “and now I have a great leader for my army. Thanks Kyle!”

What have you been working on lately? Have a cool creation to share with the Relic team? Post it here!

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