Patch Notes: June 27, 2017

Read more about the in-depth changes for the latest balance patch.

Hey everyone!

We heard you loud and clear. In response to your feedback, this week we’re releasing a balance patch to address top balance concerns. 

Patch Overview


  • Balance update (multiplayer only, balance changes do not apply to the campaign)



  • Listening Post Requisition cost increased from 200 to 300


  • Skimmers will now prefer to do shorter reverse-pivot moves instead of curve turns over short distances (these were particularly noticeable with move commands issued slightly behind and to the side of the skimmer)
  • Increased vertical traverse speed

Space Marines

Assault Marine

Reduced range and speed of passive melee charge

Recent changes to Assault Marines put them in a much better place than intended. One thing we did notice was that their passive charge range was extremely long and slightly faster than comparable melee units. This improved their ability to get on top of and stay on top of units even more pronounced than it should have been. Given that Assault Marines already have tremendous gap-closing advantage thanks to Jump, their passive charge was brought in-line with other units.

Melee Charge Range: 


Melee Charge Speed Bonus: 


Predator Destructor

Reduced damage, increased Power cost

Our last patch pushed the Predator Destructor too far. Our concern was that the role of this unit was muddy compared to its Annihilator counterpart, but as a result we'd created a unit that was too effective versus everything, including the units that were meant to counter it.



150  / 275 

150  / 300 

Population Cost: 


Predator Annihilator

Increased Power cost

We've also made some changed to the Predator Annihilator to make the choice between the two more situational.

150  / 275 

150  / 300 

Population Cost: 


Chaplain Diomedes

Reduced cost, health, and respawn time

Diomedes was not being deployed as often as we'd like, and we think that reducing his Elite Point cost will greatly improve his viability. The other benefit is that by introducing another 3 point Elite, Space Marines will have more to choose from at that stage of the game.




Respawn Time: 
240 seconds

200 seconds

  • Reduced melee attack True damage bonus versus objectives from 50 to 15
  • Reduced Critical Strike True damage bonus versus objectives from 100 to 30


  • Fixed a bug where Diomedes' True damage bonus wasn't working correctly


Dire Avenger

Range increased

Previously, Dire Avengers were effective enough to deal with most situations such that there wasn't much need to use other units until Tier 2. After we reduced their range and the viability of their shield doctrine, we noticed that their usage swung too far in the other direction. Giving back some of their range will allow them to exploit their base speed, even outside of the Fleet of Foot webway influence.



Shadow Spectre

Reduced Power cost

These units had a very low build rate, which isn't ideal for a unit that's supposed to function as anti-vehicle. Combined with the Eldar infantry speed increase, a Power cost reduction and increased formation size should make them less susceptible to area of effect damage. This, in turn, will make them more viable.

270  / 30 

270  / 15 


Increased health and shields, added passive charge

Wraithblades weren't built as often. We observed that they often had trouble getting into melee range in a timely manner, and these changes should address that.





Melee Range: 


  • Added a passive melee charge which has 10 range, lasts for 5 seconds, and can be triggered every 10 seconds. While charging, Wraithblades gain 4 movement speed.

Autarch Kyre

Changes to Eldritch Winds

Eldritch Winds

We've addressed the way that units would cluster together when this ability was used so that Kyre's combo is a bit harder to land and not quite as devastating without support.

Projectile Speed: 


  • After units are pulled towards Kyre, they are now knocked back - scattering them over a 15m area and preventing them from clumping on top of one another upon landing

Additional Changes

  • Webway Gate Requisition cost decreased from 150 to 125
  • Webway Gate Power cost decreased from 30 to 25
  • Webway Gate speed bonus for non-Elite infantry decreased from 3 to 2
  • Webway Gate speed bonus for vehicles, wraith, and Elite units remains unaffected

Infantry Speed

  • Bonesinger speed increased from 6 to 70
  • Dire Avenger speed increased from 6 to 7
  • Howling Banshee speed increased from 6 to 7
  • Ranger speed increased from 6 to 7
  • Shadow Spectre speed increased from 5.5 to 6.5



Reduced population cost

Oops, we neglected to change the Gretchin's population cost when we looked at all the other units.

Population Cost: 


Shoota Boy

Stikkbomb damage decreased

Shoota Boyz are a lot more viable now and while Stikkbombs are intended to deal more damage than other grenades, we wanted to reduce it slightly.





  • Tonz o' Bombz: Stikkbomb damage decreased from 90 to 60


Reduced Taunt radius

Nobz are very useful and we don't want to do anything too drastic, but we do feel that their Taunt range made it too easy to land on too many units.





Reduced Suicide Bomma damage versus objectives

Suicide Bomma (Scrap)

  • Upgraded Suicide Bomma will do less damage versus objectives


Reduced Stun Trap effectiveness

The Kommando was over performing relative to his cost, and much of that was due to Stun Trap.

Stun Trap

We agree with concerns that Stun Trap's damage was too powerful, so we're changing this ability to be more consistent but less punishing at the same time. Instead of dealing 600 Armor Piercing damage to all units in a squad, it now deals 600 True damage to a squad - spread across all units. This means that it performs the same against vehicle targets, better against Normal-armoured Elites like Gabriel, and better against low health squads. On the flip side, it won't wipe out entire squads in a single shot. These changes will help make the ability feel more fair.

Damage Type: 
Armour Piercing


  • Damage is now applied to the entire squad as opposed to individual entities

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an exploit where users could change a Quick-Match game into an Annihilation game during the match countdown

A Note On Doctrines

We're aware that there are doctrines for each faction that are dominant and others that are not. We'll be addressing this with slight nerfs, but mostly buffs. This will take longer because we have to consider and test how much these changes can act as a multiplier for over performing units. This may occur over several patch cycles, but rest assured that we're keeping a close eye on them!

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