Patch Notes: August 29, 2017

Read more about the in-depth changes for August’s big balance patch.

Patch Overview


  • Modding tools added
  • Steam Workshop support added for new mod tools


  • Autosave added to campaign
  • Balance update (multiplayer only, balance changes do not apply to the campaign)



  • Vehicle health upgrades will now apply to player-made structures
  • Buildable turrets for all factions have had their Power cost decreased from 60 to 50
  • Diomedes, Terminators, Mad Dread, and Wraithblades no longer gain Fury while attacking neutral objects
  • The slowing effect from Devastators, upgraded Lootas, Terminators, and Dark Reapers are now classed as a new status effect: suppression
  • Suppression does not stack with other sources of suppression, but the highest value of suppression will override the other sources


  • Power Generator initial Requisition cost increased from 80 to 100
  • Power Generator scaling Requisition cost increased from 16 to 50
  • Power rate per generator decreased from 25 to 20
  • Power reward from killing enemy Shield Generators decreased from 100 Power to 50 Power

Escalation Phases

  • Phase 2: Power generator bonus increased from 50% to 87.5%
  • Phase 3: Power generator bonus increased from 50% to 62.5%
  • Phase 4: Power generator bonus increased from 25% to 30%

Space Marines

Tactical Marine

Reduced effectiveness of Flamers

Flamers teeter too much on the brink of too powerful or, worse, too risky for their cost. These changes bring their power down a notch, so that it's only that effective if you have another way to keep them stuck in the scorching flames.

flamer Upgrade

The intention for flamers was that this ability can be used to make big plays, but not to the extent that simply running through the flame for one second can completely destroy a squad. This is due to the damage over time debuff significantly overperforming.



Damage over time: 


75 / 50 

75 / 40 

Plasma Gun Upgrade

100 / 65 

100 / 55 


  • Frag Grenade: Fixed a bug where Frag Grenades would fail to throw when Tactical Marines with plasma guns were overheating

Scout Sniper

Hidden and Cover Fire doctrines changed to activated abilities

Though Scout Snipers themselves are in a good spot - their doctrine choices needed more differentiation. Hidden wasn't picked often and - although we recently buffed it - this didn't have the full impact that we were going for. This patch will convert it to an activatable ability that grants players more agency and allows it to be used defensively as well. Being compatible with Overwatch and the reworked Cover Fire, there's a lot of opportunity to make Scout Snipers quite a force.

Cover Fire is also being changed. It is now an activatable, timed ability that causes Scout Sniper shots to slow, but also reduces damage. It can be deactivated at any time if you want to switch back to full damage.


  • Hidden: This has been changed to an activated ability, and now grants stealth and increases movement speed by 1.5 for 20 seconds
  • Cover Fire: This has been changed to a toggled ability
  • Cover Fire: While active, shots apply a slow (that does not stack with other suppression effects) for 2 seconds


Increasing cost, damage, and lowering stun duration of Blind Grenade

When playing Space Marines, strategies against Orks tend to rely on spamming Scouts for hit-and-run attacks and lengthy disables. This strategy can be very frustrating to play against and since this patch addresses the early game effectiveness of Orks - it's time to increase the cost of Scouts. For the Requisition you pay, you'll have that many fewer strikes and stun grenades to lock down your opponents. To compensate, we'll be increasing their ranged damage.





Blind Grenade

Scouts are a bit too cheap for units with a stun, so we are slightly bringing down the duration.

Stun Duration: 
3 seconds

2.5 seconds

Heavy Bolter Devastator

Added the ability to upgrade their slow

The slowing property of Heavy Bolters is meant to be used to punish brute force tactics or snare fleeing targets, but because the slow is currently weak and there are many sources of speed to offset it, players are not really able to take advantage of it in a meaningful way. To this end, we are adding a new upgrade that can be researched to increase their slowing property.

  • New upgrade option added to the Armoury: Improved Suppression (60 Requisition, 60 Power)
  • When researched, Heavy Bolter Devastators' slow on-hit is increased to -2 speed

Lascannon Devastator

Changed beam intensity to be less punishing against infantry

Lascannon Devastators were a little too good, but they felt they were in a much better place after the last update. After more observation, it's clear that they are over performing against vehicles and infantry. These changes will give them a clearer focus.

  • Beam intensity charges at half speed versus infantry
  • Time to charge to full beam intensity increased from 8 seconds to 9 seconds
Beam Intensity 3 Damage: 


Land Speeder

Changed Lone Wolf doctrine to be easier to use

This doctrine was effective, but its conditions made it too hard to use - especially in team games where you don't have any control over where your ally goes. This change should make it much easier to use.


  • Lone Wolf: No longer deactivates when close to allies; it will only deactivate when too close to your own troops
  • Lone Wolf: Area of effect decreased by half


Improvements to Inferno Missiles

Whirlwind Inferno Missiles are dealing a bit more damage than is warranted by their cost, but we also discovered a bug that was unintentionally condensing the damage to a tighter area. Their damage will be more consistent and their scatter properties now match that of a regular Whirlwind barrage.


  • Inferno Missiles: Initial damage reduced from 45 to 36
  • Inferno Missiles: Damage over time reduced from 19.2 damage per second to 12 damage per second (per missile)
  • Inferno Missiles: Missile scatter increased from 0 to 15

Chaplain Diomedes

Bug fixes for Liturgies of Battle

It turns out that Liturgies of Battle wasn't behaving as we had intended. During its casting phase it could not be cancelled, but Diomedes could still move. While it is meant to be a timed ability, we discovered a bug that would occur when he was disabled after a successful cast - which caused the ability to cancel. Instead - Diomedes will now have to stay put while casting, but the buffs will persist after its cast regardless of status effects applied afterwards. Overall, these are buffs to Diomedes, and ones we believe will be helpful quality of life improvements.


  • Fixed a bug where Diomedes could move while casting Liturgies of Battle
  • Fixed a bug where Diomedes' buffs would disappear after casting when he is disabled

Additional Changes

  • Drop pods no longer cause damage to multiplayer objectives (i.e. Shield Generators, Turrets, Power Cores)
  • Blessing of the Omnissiah: Healing per second increased from 6 to 30 and removed the +2 passive health regeneration while in combat
  • Improved Deathstorm: For the first 15 seconds after deployment, Deathstorm drop pods project an aura that grants 250 shields to nearby units. The shield will persist for a short duration even if the units leave the aura or the Deathstorm is destroyed. Multiple Deathstorms do not cause this effect to stack, but they will heal existing shields of the same type.


Howling Banshee

Increased damage and reduced Power cost of Quick Strike

Howling Banshees are a tad under powered, but rather than upping their base stats at the moment, we're giving them more choices. Additionally, players really liked the idea of Banshee Rage, but in practice it was hard to secure enough kills to really benefit from this choice. This doctrine now grants a shield based on damage done, so you don't need to focus on securing kills with your Banshees.

Quick Strike

We'll be improving Quick Strike and reducing its cost.

75 / 50 

75 / 40 




  • Banshee Rage: Instead of triggering after 6 kills, it now requires 900 damage to be dealt

Dark Reaper

Changes to Reaper Focus and Teleport Beacon

Reaper Focus wasn't a popular choice, so we've reworked it to add a conditional slow. Teleport Beacon was also underwhelming because the optimal time window to use it was too limiting. Removing the maximum duration of the beacon should improve this - as well as adding instant setup and teardown - will give players the option of using it as more than just an escape tool.


  • Teleport Beacon: Beacon no longer expires after a duration
  • Teleport Beacon: Reduced cast time on Beacon Deploy from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Teleport Beacon: Gain 3 seconds of instant setup and teardown after using Recall; no longer have to teardown if squads are already setup and the beacon is cast within range
  • Reaper Focus: No longer increases line of sight while in heavy cover or stealth cover
  • Reaper Focus: If Dark Reapers are within range of a Webway Gate, their ranged attacks will slow enemy units by -1


Reduced Power cost; increased Ranger Focus damage

Awhile back, we increased the Power cost to both unlock and build Rangers as a result of the effectiveness of Ranger spam in team games. Though they are still popular in 3v3 games, they're picked less often in 1v1s. Given our intent to slightly reduce Power income in the first escalation phase, we're going to revert them to their original Power cost.

The Ranger Focus doctrine did not have a big enough impact, so we're going to add something that increases its value - a damage boost. This should have some good interaction with their other doctrines (Stealth Warp and Vigor).

330 / 20 

330 / 15 


  • Ranger Focus: Damage increased by 25%


Increased movement speed

Despite recent changes that increased their health, weapon range, and mobility - this unit is still under performing. One of their biggest obstacles is getting into melee range and reliably chasing units, so we've opted to increase their base movement speed. This will also make them faster than most infantry units when they have Fleet of Foot.

  • Increased rate of Fury generation for Vengeance by 50%



  • Swift Vengeance: Functionality of this doctrine has been overhauled; Swift Vengeance now causes Wraithblades to move as if they are within range of a Webway Gate when Vengeance is full, although this effect does not stack with Fleet of Foot


Changes to Enhanced Battle Focus

This doctrine is close to being balanced, but it needed to drain a little bit less energy when firing and not pause your energy regeneration while active - which made it look like unintended gameplay behaviour.


  • Enhanced Battle Focus: Energy drain reduced from 60 per shot to 50 per shot and no longer drains 2 energy per second while active


Increased health and shields

Vypers are hard to amass and can be easily countered, so we're increasing their health and shields by 20% so they perform better in smaller numbers. We noticed that the Vyper's missile launcher rotation was a bit slow, which wasn't playing well with its quick turn speed.

The Temporal Mine doctrine will now function exactly the same if there is an enemy nearby, but planting the mine itself will not only be faster but the mine will also activate quicker. We've also tweaked the timing on the Temporal Stun doctrine to make the stun activate as soon as the slow field triggers. These changes make the Vyper feel a lot more responsive - given how fragile they can be if you're not careful. Finally, the Vyper Haste doctrine gives them more defensive utility, which is something that it had previously lacked.





Missile Launcher rotation rate: 



  • Temporal Mine: Casting time is now instant
  • Temporal Mine: Activation time is now instant
  • Temporal Mine: Increased activation radius by 60%
  • Temporal Stun: Stun duration decreased from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Temporal Stun: The stun now occurs when the bomb first explodes
  • Vyper Haste: When attacked, gain 50% movement speed for 5 seconds and reduce damage received by 50%
  • Vyper Haste: Can only trigger once every 20 seconds
  • Vyper Haste: No longer grants a burst of speed when shields are destroyed


  • Fixed a bug where Temporal Mines couldn't be targeted in the fog of war


Changes to Falcon Haste

The out of combat speed bonus wasn't impactful enough, so we've added an activated speed boost that will give Falcons more utility in combat.


  • Falcon Haste: Changed to an activated ability that increases movement speed by 3 for 10 seconds

Ranger Ronahn

Increased rate of fire

In our experience newer players find Ronahn very hard to deal with, but he is quite easy to counter after you've faced him a few times. In order to be more competitive, we feel that he needs to have a more active playstyle, so we want to increase his rate of fire and the rate at which he gains charges of Long Shot.

Fire rate: 
9 seconds

7 seconds

Long Shot

  • Time to generate a charge outside of stealth cover lowered from 85 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Time to generate a charge inside of stealth cover lowered from 57 seconds to 40 seconds


  • Fixed a bug where Ronahn had to setup his rifle again after Snapfire had expired


Increased damage

We're increasing the Wraithlord's damage versus single targets to make him more of a threat and increasing Ethereal Wall's duration to improve his resilience.



Glaive Charge

While Glaive Charge can tear through infantry, it wasn't particularly effective versus heavily armoured targets.



Damage Type: 

Armour Piercing



Ethereal Wall

8 seconds

12 seconds

Additional Changes

  • Shield generation upgrade Power cost reduced from 75 to 60
  • Reinforcement now returns 1/X% of the squad's shields, where X is the number of models left in the squad
  • Vehicle shield upgrades increased in effectiveness from 25% to 50%
  • Deployable Energy Shields: No longer requires Tier 2
  • Deployable Energy Shields: Power cost reduced from 50 to 30
  • Deployable Energy Shields: Health decreased from 1500 to 1000
  • Deployable Energy Shields: Construction time increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds



Changes to Thump from Da Sky

Thump from Da Sky has a weird history. It actually used to produce scrap and kill the Orks, which resulted in super fast teching. This was part of the reason it had a global cooldown. We've removed the global cooldown and reworked its damage, such that it functions much more like the Waaagh! shout in that it's great at faking out your opponents.


  • Thump from Da Sky: Boyz now pick a nearby target position and channel, gaining a charge every 1.25 seconds up to a maximum of 3 seconds. At the end of the ability, if the unit is not killed or disrupted, it will deal 20 damage in a 6m radius and knock back enemies.
  • Thump from Da Sky: Channel time reduced from 4.25 seconds to 3.875 seconds
  • Thump from Da Sky: Reduced knockback distance by 63%
  • Thump from Da Sky: Removed global cooldown
  • Thump from Da Sky: Can now be interrupted during channeling


Changes to Magnetz

Trying to use Magnetz at less than max range often yielded little benefit due to having to setup your weapon again. As a result, we've implemented a change that should make this doctrine more useful for both offense and defense.


  • Magnetz: Decreased the cooldown from 60 seconds to 40 seconds
  • Magnetz: For 10 seconds, Lootas are under the effect of Magnetik Boost - which allows them to instantly setup and teardown


  • Fixed a bug where Lootas would often try to run back to their original position after using Magnetik Boost


Changes to Bomb Squigs

The squig bomb demanded too much micro to counter relative to its ease of use. It will now be auto-targetable, but given a lower attack priority so that it's easier to screen for them.

Bomb Squigs

  • Can now be auto-targeted by enemy units
  • Squigs have lower attack priority than other units


Increased health and damage

Deffkoptas in great numbers, or when built from scrap, can be quite effective for the investment - however, they aren't great when standing on their own. Given that skimmer units already have a powerful counter, we feel they'll still be kept in check despite these changes.






  • Warning Grot: Now deals 300 Armour Piercing damage

Killa Kan

Changes to Long Range Rokkits

Killa Kans are built more often than any other Ork vehicle, especially in higher skill brackets. The problem largely lies with the combination of Long Range Rokkits and upgraded Killa Kans.

We're making a change that retains the functionality of Long Range Rokkits, but requires the player to sacrifice their burst potential for the super long range poke that it provides. If players want to decrease their downtime, they'll have to sacrifice a doctrine slot to use the Rokkit refill doctrine and aggressive Pile o' Gunz placement. Additionally, we are slightly reducing the maximum burst damage of upgraded Killa Kans.

  • Decreased the max number of rokkit charges after looting from 6 to 5


  • Long Range Rokkits: Now requires a minimum of 3 rokkits to trigger
  • Long Range Rokkits: Triggering the ability costs 3 rokkits
  • Long Range Rokkits: Recharge time lowered from 30 seconds to 25 seconds
  • Long Range Rokkits: Provides vision as they're traveling


  • Fixed a bug where Long Range Rokkits would sometimes deal damage to allies

Big Trakk

Changes to Smoke Shells

Players aren't finding enough value in the stealth cover that this doctrine grants. It's a lot more useful now that it also reduces incoming damage.


  • Smoke Shells: Grants 35% damage reduction to allied units in the Smoke Shells

Deff Dread

Changes to Bigga Scrap Shield

This ability didn't appear to be working correctly and it has now been fixed. To give it more impact, we're going to add a heal over time component.


  • Bigga Scrap Shield: Increased cooldown from 45 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Bigga Scrap Shield: Now heals up to 1000 health over 10 seconds


  • Fixed a bug where Bigga Scrap Shield did not always block ranged damage

Weirdboy Zappnoggin

Increased cooldown on Scrap Blast

Even after a hefty round of nerfs, the Weirdboy is still a dominant pick. We agree that his Scrap Blast, given how good it can be, should be on a longer cooldown.

Scrap Blast

20 seconds

30 seconds


Increased health and speed bonus from Sneaky

We recognize that Da Kommando struggles when he has been caught behind enemy lines, so we're going to increase his health and slightly buff his speed boost.




Speed bonus: 



  • Fixed a bug where his shotgun would not knock enemies back if he had attacked from stealth, then used Sneaky to re-stealth
  • Fixed a bug where Stun Trap would not stun units that jump into its radius

Mad Dread

New ability added, changes to passives

For a 7-point Elite, the Mad Dread provides good utility with Tunnel, but doesn't have enough presence when he arrives. We're giving him a new ability that should offer more mobility, crowd control, and damage against high value targets. As an added bonus, it can help him reach a full Fury bar if Rampage has triggered, restoring his health.

Loot (Passive)



Rampage (Passive)





Mad Breaka'

  • New ability added
  • Enables the Mad Dread to charge forward in a line, dealing damage and knocking back enemies
  • Colliding with a vehicle or super unit immobilizes and damages them for a 10-second period

Additional Changes

  • Waaagh Towers Power cost increased from 75 Requisition / 75 Power to 125 Requisition / 85 Power
  • Waaagh! buff damage bonus reduced from 50% to 35%
  • Waaagh! buff speed bonus decreased from 3 to 2
  • Fixed an issue where the Waaagh! granted by Gorgutz' Spinnin' Klaw would stack with the original Waaagh!
  • Longa Waaagh! upgrade's Power cost increased from 25 to 75
  • Longa Waaagh! upgrade's Requisition cost increased from 0 to 75
  • Longa Waaagh! upgrade now increases the damage buff of Waaagh! to 50%
  • Longa Waaagh! upgrade's speed buff of Waaagh! increased to 3
  • Pile O' Gunz no longer requires 1 Waaagh Tower to construct
  • Scrap Sight: Renamed to Scrap Shielda
  • Scrap Shielda: Removed old properties and no longer triggers on enemies, allies, or squads
  • Scrap Shielda: Now grants 125 shields in a 15m radius around your own destroyed vehicles and structures

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed instances where splashing water from super units could be seen through the fog of war on Mortis Vale
  • Multiplayer AI now builds less addons and Listening Posts and is less likely to build addons when owning a smaller army than their opponent
  • Space Marine Standards captured after the healing begins will no longer continue to heal


  • Fixed an issue that occurred when loading a Mission 9 save file created on a previous game version, which would cause the Destroy Scrap objective to break

Units & Abilities

  • Fixed a bug where Assault Marines lost the ability to melee after being caught by Autarch Kyre's Skyleap and Eldritch Winds during a Jump
  • Fixed a bug where the Imperial Knight Paladin's Armour Piercing Shot would destroy Fire Prisms in a single hit
  • Fixed a bug where the Fire Prism wouldn't damage structures or units with attack-ground
  • Keep Trukk'n: Fixed a bug where this ability was working inconsistently, occasionally failing to taunt units

User Interface

  • When hovering over equipped doctrines, the description video now appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen
  • Fixed some instances where tooltips on some paints appeared as invalid
  • Fixed a bug where viewing doctrine videos caused an FPS drop each time this action was repeated, which would persist until restarting the game
  • Fixed the display of the Manufactorum minimap icon in the match history screen
  • Fixed a bug where switching between a custom skin and a mastery skin prevented the re-selection of the custom skin
  • Fixed a display issue that occurred when playing in French where some tutorial text was overlapping


  • Fixed an issue with the Wraithlord's Glaive Charge where the artwork would not display properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Roks ability was pixelated in places

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