Launch Day FAQ

Everything you need to know about Dawn of War III on launch day!

How do I download and install the game?

Follow these steps to activate your Dawn of War III key on Steam.

When can I pre-load the game?

Pre-load is available now!

How big is the download?

Pre-load size is 23GB.

When will the full game unlock for me to play?

Dawn of War III will be playable starting on April 27th at 7am PDT. Check the list below to see more time zones!



NEW YORK: 1000

LONDON: 1500

PARIS: 1600

BERLIN: 1600

MOSCOW: 1700


TOKYO: 2300

SYDNEY: 0000 (April 28th)

Will I need to install a fresh version of Dawn of War III for launch if I participated in previous betas?

Yes, you will need to do a fresh install.

I pre-ordered a Dawn of War III Collector’s Edition, but haven’t received a shipping confirmation!

If you are unsure about the status of your order placed through, send an email with your info, order number, and question to

How do I submit feedback to the developers?

The Feedback & Suggestions forums are your go-to for sharing your thoughts and suggestions with the Dawn of War team.

How do I report bugs?

If you encounter a bug, please post in our Support forum. Please read the sticky posts to find out how to submit bugs in a way that makes it easier for the development team to reproduce and fix.

Help! I can’t launch the game!

If you’re running into any account issues or if your game is not launching, please refer to the Troubleshooting Tips. If the issue persists, open a ticket with SEGA Customer Support or post in the Support forums to see if other players have some tips!

Are modding tools available?

There is a World Builder available at launch which will allow you to create your own multiplayer maps.

We’ll be showcasing some tools and a modding wiki in the coming weeks!

Are any other features in the works that we should know about?

You bet! A surrender option will follow shortly after launch, and we’ll be implementing leaderboards in an update in a few weeks. We’ll also be releasing regular updates, addressing both bug fixes and balance issues that arise, once you all have a chance to play!

For more info on when those updates hit, make sure to keep an eye on this blog, as well as Dawn of War on Facebook and Twitter!

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