Free Skins: Agents of Death

New Agents of Death skins available for Dawn of War III!

Give thanks for endless WAAAGH! with these three new Elite skins, available now for free the next time you log in to Dawn of War III. Equip the Deathwatch skin for Gabriel Angelos, Hunter skin for Gorgutz, and classic Farseer skin for Macha, and forge your legend in unrelenting, explosive battle!

Deathwatch - Gabriel Skin

Lending his mighty daemon hammer to the Inquisition's elite Deathwatch order, Gabriel Angelos stands strong as the last line of defense against unspeakable horrors. Xenos beware!

Hunter - Gorgutz Skin

The insatiable Gorgutz 'Ead'unter shrouds himself in trophies of the galaxy's most fearsome predators - animal, alien, and man. Will yours be the next skull added to his collection?

Farseer Classic - Macha

To forge the future, she'll draw from her past. Farseer Macha dons the Ghosthelm and spear inspired by her appearance in the original Dawn of War. Foes of old will tremble at the sight.

All three skins will be available for selection next time you log on to Dawn of War III.

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