Dawn of War III Coming to Mac & Linux

Dawn of War III is being developed for Mac and Linux by our partner Feral Interactive. Click here to find out more!

Is Dawn of War III for Mac/Linux being developed by Relic?

Dawn of War III is being developed for Mac and Linux by our partner Feral Interactive. Feral previously developed and published the Mac and Linux ports of Company of Heroes 2 and Dawn of War II.

What are the key differences between Dawn of War III on Windows vs Mac & Linux?

Nothing! All content from the Windows version is in the Mac & Linux versions.

Who can I play in online multiplayer?

Dawn of War III’s multiplayer is cross-platform between Mac and Linux, but not with Windows. We hope to revisit cross-platform multiplayer, and implement that in a future update.

When will Dawn of War III on Mac/Linux be released?

Dawn of War III will be released for Mac and Linux on June 8th, 2017.

Will preload be available before release?

No, the Mac and Linux versions of Dawn of War III will not be available to pre-load prior to release.

What time does it release in my region?

Dawn of War III will be become available for Mac and Linux at 12pm BST / 7am EDT / 4am PDT on June 8th.

What is the price?

Dawn of War III  for Mac and Linux will be available through the Feral Store and Steam for $59.99/£39.99/59,99€.

Why is the price of Dawn of War III different on the Mac App Store?

The Mac App Store uses a universal tiering system to set the price of games and other applications, meaning prices cannot be set individually per currency.

This tiering system takes into account different exchange rates and sales taxes, which sometimes results in games costing more or less than their counterparts on Steam.

What are the min/recommended specs?

The game’s minimum and recommended system requirements will be confirmed closer to release. Keep an eye on Feral Interactive’s news feed, Twitter, and Facebook pages for updates!

What else do I need to play?

You will need a mouse that is capable of left and right clicking. If you are using an Apple Magic Mouse on Mac, you will need to enable the Secondary Click option in your computer’s Mouse settings, which are located under System Preferences.

I’ve already bought Dawn of War III for Windows. Do I have to buy it again if I want it for macOS or Linux?

No. If you already own Dawn of War III on Steam, you do not need to purchase the game again; on June 8th, the game will be available to download and install on your Mac or Linux computer.

If I buy on Mac or Linux, do I get access to Dawn of War III for Windows?

Yes. If you purchase Dawn of War III on Steam, you will have access to all versions of the game on all platforms.

Note: If you purchase Dawn of War III on the Mac App Store, you will not receive a Windows version. If you want to ensure you can play on a Windows PC, purchase Dawn of War III on Steam.

What is the file-size of the download?

When downloading and installing the game, we recommend having at least 50GB of storage space available.

Who do I contact for tech support / customer service?

For any technical support or customer service inquiries relating to Dawn of War III for Mac and Linux, please contact Feral Interactive Support.

For any press enquiries relating to the Mac and Linux versions of the game, please contact

Are performance / graphic settings / sound settings comparable between platforms?

As long as your computer meets the minimum system requirements, performance will be comparable across all three platforms.

Will Dawn of War III on Mac and Linux support Steam Workshop?

On Steam, Dawn of War III for macOS and Linux will allow players to install user-created content via the Steam Workshop. User-created content is not officially supported in the Mac App Store version of the game.

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