Community Update: June 13, 2017

The next update will introduce some highly requested community features, such as Annihilation Mode and buildable defenses!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a wild ride since the release of Dawn of War III – a game we loved making and are so glad to finally have in your hands. We’re thrilled to put out a new installment after an eight-year hiatus, we’re proud of the innovations we’ve made within the genre, and we think the game is full of potential.

But…we’re humans who have the internet. We know there are lots of you who don’t feel the same way. That matters. We make these games for you, and we need you in order to keep making games. So, let’s talk about where we go from here.

Dawn of War III was meant to reunite our Dawn of War and Dawn of War II fans with a bombastic, action-RTS packed with incredible heroes, giant space lasers, and whole, new planets made of things that go BOOM. While we’ve checked those boxes, it’s clear that those weren’t the only things that you were looking for. So, what now?

It started at launch by keeping our eyes and ears open. We spend a LOT of time on the forums, and just as much looking through the data on what you’re playing, and what you’re not. We’re using that to plot out our next steps and are hoping to share plans with you soon, and get you involved in how we bring them to life. But that takes time.

So, what happens in the short term? Great question…

NEW MODE: AnnihilatioN

To start, we’re going back to our roots with new multiplayer modes that challenge you to wipe out every last Waaagh Tower and Webway Gate to earn that victory screen. Get ready for Annihilation Mode. Wait, make that: Annihilation MODES.

Dawn of War I fans will feel right at home in Annihilation Classic. To win, you’ll need to destroy the core structures of your opponent. It’s tough, but we’ve added a couple tools to help you out: new doctrines that will let you build faction-specific turrets throughout the map.

Want a headstart? Load up Annihilation with Defenses to kick off the match with several of these turrets already installed throughout the map, buying you more time to build up your army. Both modes will be available in Custom Match for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3.

We’ll be releasing a video on later this week with more information, and debuting the mode live on Twitch at 10AM PST on Friday, June 16th. Keep your eyes peeled!


And those fancy new turrets? You won’t need to hand in your hard-earned Skulls for them. We’ll release them unlocked, for all players, for use across all multiplayer modes. Turtlers rejoice! You’ll have new defensive strategies to play with, and against, in no time. Here’s your first look at one of them in action!

The turret doctrines won’t be available in campaign mode, but it is something we’re going to take a look at. No promises, but we’ll see what’s possible and get back to you.

New Map: Mortis Vale

All existing multiplayer maps have been retrofitted to play host to Annihilation showdowns, but we’re happy to share a brand new Mortis Vale map – a fresh battlefield to burn to the ground! We’ll share a closer look at Mortis Vale next week, but here’s just a taste of what to expect. And yes, these maps will be equally available to load up in Power Core!

Engines of Annihilation

We’re sneaking one more treat in for you. Get ready to bring glory to the battlefield with the free Engines of Annihilation skin pack! Send out your super walkers in style with the House Raven skin for the Imperial Knight Paladin, the Exalted skin for the Wraithknight, and the Deathskulls skin for the Gorkanaut. We hope you like them!

This will all go live in our Annihilation Update on Tuesday, June 20th.

We know this is just a start, but it’s an important one. And it helps us say thanks to each and every one of you for playing, posting, and yes – even some of the yelling. It hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

We’ll start with the Annihilation Update, we’ll keep listening, and together, we’ll keep moving forward.

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