Battlegrounds of War: Mortis Vale

Let's take a closer look at the upcoming map, Mortis Vale!

From the medieval styling of Cyprus Ultima, to the massive waves of lava crashing against mountains of ice in Acheron, Dawn of War III takes players all over the 40K universe.

We’re excited to announce our newest multiplayer map, Mortis Vale, will be released coinciding with our brand new Annihilation multiplayer mode - which drops on June 20th. Mortis Vale will be playable in every multiplayer mode, but Annihilation is where it shines. We chatted with Sr. Artist Ronel, and Associate Designer Benjamin, to learn more about Mortis Vale and the design that went into it.

What was inspiration for the look and design of Mortis Vale?

Ronel: Visually, we wanted a map that paid homage to the amazing art found in the tabletop rulebooks, a map and setting that would instantly feel familiar to all 40K fans. To us, that meant going back to basics with that appeals to 40K fans with incredible Gothic architecture, massive ruined arches and columns. The look of a war-torn landscape, rich with remains of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for their cause.

In terms of design, we wanted to create a more open-feeling map, one that’s a bit more free-flowing. This allows for more flanks and ambushes, and is a ton of fun in Annihilation mode.

Benjamin: We want to provide players with a variety of map designs, to allow for different strategies so each map doesn’t play out the same. We’ve done tighter maps, and a mix of close-quarter and open, but this time we wanted to go a bit further in that direction.

Mortis Vale allows for both 2v2 and 3v3 match types. Any tips for players to make the most out of each variant?

Benjamin: Usually we don’t allow for maps to have multiple match sizes, as we design it with a certain play style in mind, but there are some that just work in the end. Mortis Vale is one of those, where the map totally works in different ways depending on how many people are playing, and it’s a ton of fun. In 2v2, teams will have large armies smashing against each other trying to gain ground. The 3v3 variant makes use of the space in different ways, allowing for more flanking opportunities.

Any tips for players as they play their first match on Mortis Vale?

Ronel: Make sure to take control of the higher ground, and sides of the map, and harass and poke the closest Shield Generator.

Benjamin: Players should keep an eye on that middle gate. There could be a large force coming your way when it opens, and if you’re not ready it could mean a quick end to the match.

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