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Mar 23 2017

Spotlight: Mad Dread

Devastatingly effective against groups of enemy infantry, the Mad Dread can burrow into the ground and resurface right in the midst of its enemies.Read More

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Mar 16 2017

Spotlight: Trukk

What’s more Orky than launching a squad of greenskins into the air from a ramshackle Trukk? Launching two squads of greenskins.Read More

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Dec 15 2016

Know Your Wraiths!

It’s come to our attention that there may be some confusion around the Eldar’s ferocious and intimidating vehicles of destruction, specifically, which wraith is which. And we have to say, guys, we just don’t see how these mix-ups are happening.Read More

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Sep 29 2016

Spotlight: Wraithknight

To be Eldar is to carry the burden of a hundred thousand lives that will never be realized; to walk the path of extinction. One must lose everything to shoulder the responsibility of operating a Wraithknight.Read More

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Sep 21 2016

Space Marine FAQ

It’s been a busy few months around the Relic studio since we announced Dawn of War III in May. See what you may have missed in this roundup FAQ!Read More

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Sep 15 2016

Spotlight: Jonah Orion

Jonah Orion is the Blood Raven's Chief Librarian and a man of fearsome psychic power. Focused on supporting his brethren, he is a flexible Elite who amplifies the effectiveness of his allies.Read More

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Aug 15 2016

Guide to Gamescom

Today’s the day that we’ll be at Gamescom, where fans get to play Dawn of War III for the first time! The team has been successfully deployed at Cologne and is awaiting further orders. If you’re wondering how best to prepare for the fight, look no further!Read More

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Jun 28 2016

Relic Creates: Gabriel Angelos miniature

Now and again, one of our Relicans makes something really cool that we’re dying to share with the community. In this case, Designer Kyle Berndt’s mission to recreate Gabriel Angelos as a miniature was a resounding success! Read More

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Jun 27 2016

PC Gaming Show & E3 Attendance!

Wow what a week! The team here at Relic flew down to Los Angeles to show the first gameplay of Dawn of War III at the PC Gaming Show! We hopped in on some live streams to chat Space Marines, Super units, and singleplayer! Read More

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Jun 14 2016

Faction Focus: Space Marines

The Adeptus Astartes, also known as Space Marines, are the Imperium of Man’s most fearsome soldiers. Though few in number, the Space Marines are so efficient that they perform the Imperium’s most vital missions. Read More

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May 25 2016

Introducing the Community Team!

If you’re reading blog posts, following our social media, or watching our streams – you might be wondering, who are the professionals geeks behind the scenes? Well wait no more! It’s time to meet the Dawn of War III community team! Read More

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May 02 2016

Introduction to Dawn of War

The Dawn of War series is based on the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop miniature wargame first produced by Games Workshop in 1987. When considering the extensive history that the franchise has to offer, we often hear from interested newcomers: “Where do I begin?”Read More

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