Community Update: May 4, 2017

Dawn of War III launched one week ago. What's on the horizon?

Hi everyone!

With one week – and millions of bodies – behind us, we want to say a huge thanks to each of you for joining us on the battlefield of Dawn of War III. After years of development behind the scenes, it’s a thrill to see you dive back into the universe, whether you’re ripping humies limb from limb, or are bringing down the hammer upon filthy xenos!

So, what happens now? Well, our work doesn’t stop just because the game is out. We’ve been busy poring over all of your feedback and sharing your gameplay videos around the studio. Now that the game is in your hands, we’re excited to let you play a role in how it evolves. Welcome to the team!

To that end, we’ve got some upcoming news for you below with more to come next week.


On Monday, we’ll get the ball rolling with our first patch. This will address some of the bugs and issues you’ve flagged with us (so long, invisible Bonesinger!) but will also include the addition of a Surrender option in Multiplayer. We give special props to those players who chase a comeback to the bitter end, but we certainly want to give you the option to concede. If you surrender, you’ll receive Skulls and experience as if you lost the match. Check back on Monday for the full patch notes!


On Tuesday, we’re taking aim at some of the input lag being reported. Thanks for your patience on this, and for sending in your feedback. We have servers in multiple regions around the world, but we've found that some players aren't connecting to the servers closest to them. On Tuesday, we'll start to refine which servers specific regions connect to based on latency data from the first week of play. We’re going to keep an eye on this and tune it over time.


Later this month, we’re rolling out our first balance patch. It’s too early to give specifics but right now we’re looking carefully at units that players are skipping over (looking at you, Tactical Marines…), abilities that seem harder to counter (ahem… Zapnoggin’s teleport), and the factors that affect whether you can come back from a loss in an early match skirmish (how escalation phases are working).

Now’s the perfect time to let us know what you’re seeing, and how you’re playing. Striking the right balance takes time, but your feedback is really helpful.

We’re watching, reading and listening. Keep it up!

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